Vehicle Assembly & Production

Building harnesses into large vehicles requires testing these harnesses in their installed positions.  Interface cabling is a large cost of the test installation, and this cost can be minimized by using distributed switching systems that bring system test points as close as possible to the connection point on the vehicle.

All Hensoldt Canada Interconnect Testers support distribution from a few meters to hundreds of meters.

You product is complex and our product is designed to make testing that product easy for you and also to provide maximum test coverage.


The EZX is an excellent benchtop tester for low voltage and high voltage applications, expandable up to 1024 test points. Use expansion cabling to extend your tester to full the full length of wiring board.  Click for more...

Need more test points?  Higher AC and DC voltages?  Energization for functional testing?  The CTX Series brings you benchtop modularity and test cell distribution with a wide selection of options to meet your testing needs.  

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Want to build your own configuration?  The MPT Series selection of rack mount instruments are ready to stack inside our 19" rack enclosures.  Need to test long cabling installed in rail cars or aircraft? Distribute in multiple directions to minimize distribution length and maximize proximity to connection points. 

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