Enabling people to move within and between cities as part of their daily commute, to moving people and cargo across countries, our global contribution to rail transportation is something we are extremely proud of.  From embedded products that control electrical systems to test products that validate and verify the functionality of subsystems and entire trains, Nexeya supports our rolling stock partners from design through production, operation and repairs and servicing activities.

Additional Nexeya Rail & Rolling Stock Product Offerings

SySTEAM (simulation, verification, validation solution),

LISA (wireless data acquisiton),

SACHA (data acquisition computer)

COVERGY POWER (power related products) 

Final Assembly Line / Electrical Interconnect Test Product Offering

EZX, CTX, MPT (multi point cable, harness tester),

WIDD (intermittent default detection),






Cock Pits

Relay boxes

Functional Testing


Large Number of Points

Low / Medium / High Voltage Mix

Set Up & Test Cycle Times

Achieving Maximum Test Coverage


Nexeya's MPT-FT

Combines Low / Medium / High Voltage, provides Maximum Coverage in a Quick Set Up Package and includes Functional Testing Features. 


1. Auto-Learn
2. Mass Hipot - reduces test times 
3. Mass LV Isolation - reduces test times
4. High Speed Intelligent LV Fault Finding
5. Hold on fail - real time failure analysis
6. Component Awareness (automatic in-circuit component protection)
7. Assembly Aid
8. Easy User Programmer Interface