Transorb Testing

Aircraft are exposed to lightning strikes and electrical surges on a regular basis.  Avionics and electrical systems are designed with Transorbs (transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diode or thyrector) to protect the electronics from voltage spikes induced on connected wires.

The Hensoldt Canada MPT Transorb option enables customers to verify that the TVS products in their systems are operating properly and protection the aircraft as intended.

Airbus and Honeywell are only two of the many clients that utilize the MPT-TO to verify and validate their systems.


Transorb Test Product Offering

EZX, CTX, MPT (multi point cable, harness tester),
WIDD (intermittent default detection),

Transorb Testing
Lightning Protection Testing


The ability to ensure sub-assemblies are protected against lightning strikes or power surges


Hensoldt Canada's MPT-TO

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