MPT Series of Wiring Analyzers

Key features of the MPT Wiring Analyzer include:

TEST REENGAGE: Enables tests to be paused after a failure and reengaged after debugging, eliminating the need to repeat already verified test sequences and saving overall test times.  

MASS HI-POT ALGORITHM: Provides complete test coverage in a fraction of the time required by conventional linear test methods.

TOUCH TRACE: Simplifies fault finding diagnostics in large complex wire harnesses.

CONNECT ANYWHERE: Facilitates ease of multiple adapter cable connection

FLOATING GROUND FEATURE: Allows full validation of any grounded product

AUTOMATION PRO: Allows easy creation of custom user interfaces.


  • Engineering, Design & Production Validation & Verification

  • High Volume Production

  • Product Qualification & Incoming Inspection

  • Repair & Failure Analysis

Standard Features

  • Flexible software platform

  • User test program development

  • External / Third Party Instrument Support

  • Flexible software platform

  • User test program development & modification

  • User authority control

  • Activity log

  • Remote control / monitoring  

  • Leading edge hardware modules provide high accuracy and repetitive measurements

  • External / Third Party Instrument Support

  • Support bar code reader / printers and other peripherals

  • Cost effective

  • High test throughput  

 MPT Series Emulator

For off line programming and test development Hensoldt Canada offers the Studio-E MPT Emulator.


For more information please click here.

 MPT Verification

For any operators wishing to calibrate their MPT via their own internal quality assurance department Hensoldt Canada offers a calibration fixture for on-site calibrations.  The re-certification of the calibration tool can only be done at Nexeya.  For Fixture Re-Certification and Calibration please contact Support at


The previous MPT Calibration Fixture Re-Certification Procedure P/N 77-90055 is now obsolete.


 Third party Fixture Re-Certification is not endorsed or supported by Nexeya.

Hensoldt Canada offers a completely managed Calibration Tool Service which will ensure                                  that your equipment is always up to date and certified.

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