Mission Management Solutions

Nexeya's Mission Management Solutions is comprised of both air & sea based platforms.

To meet the needs of observation, surveillance and intelligence missions, NEXEYA has designed and manufactured an embedded aeronautical station known as ARGOSIA.


More suitable than satellite observation and less dangerous than ground surveillance, ARGOSIA is the solution for military and surveillance missions. 


The ARGOSIA station is transportable, adaptable, quick to deploy, and enables military operators to observe and detect threats on the ground using an aircraft. ARGOSIA features multiple operator consoles installed inside the aircraft and connected to a gyrostabilized electro-optical system that includes several observation modes (day, night and thermal). Equipped with very high definition screens and a high-tech video system, ARGOSIA can be used to view video in real time, to record and replay data as well as to control the electro-optical system. An intercom and satellite communication system allows users to exchange data and receive orders directly from the Command Center on the ground via their screens and headphones. ARGOSIA can be interfaced with other weapon systems.


NEXEYA has also taken into account and integrated into the ergonomic design of its station the constraints associated with these missions, offering users optimal comfort. For adapting and installing ARGOSIA on airplanes, NEXEYA works in cooperation with aircraft manufacturers and avionic integrators.  



LYNCEA is a tactical situation system that allows equipped OPVs (Offshore Patrol Vessels) to detect and identify, in real time, the slightest movement around the vessel, while providing an overall view of the area in which the vessel is located, in particular relating to security risks, by cross-referencing the data provided by the vessel's detectors (detection of movement, variations in speed, monitoring suspicious activity, etc.).


This onboard maritime surveillance solution was designed to combat piracy, illegal immigration and drug trafficking.


Available in three versions:


LYNCEA ALL-IN-ONE (a compact version with everything integrated into one console),


LYNCEA AEM (State Action at Sea version, allowing communication with headquarters on land), and


LYNCEA CMS (Combat Management System version including all the capabilities of LYNCEA AEM plus the integration of datalinks, the designation of weapons-related tasks, and communication with other vessels or aircraft such as helicopters, drones, etc.).