Nexeya designs and manufactures a variety of Data Acquisition Products for Land, Air & Sea applications. 



Lisa is a wireless acquisition system working on both analog and digital parameters with an ease of use installation on in-flight, on land and at sea test systems by reducing both wiring and power supply requirements.


Comprised of several modules that allow superior flexibility in system architecture the system is easy to install, organize and configure, regardless of the combination of modules or application.  Lisa supports up to 8 acquisiton modules and a total of 132 channels.  Data sampling is isosynchronous over all modules.  Each module is also equipped with a local removable storage card (SD card) enabling it to both communicate to the main unit or act as an independent data logger.

A modular, flexible, easy to install and simple to use

wireless data acquisition system.

LISA can be utilized with an existing test system or

run independently in a stand-alone configuration. 

  • Analog parameter acquisition

  • Independent data logger or component of a data logging system

  • 8 isochronous channels (6 general,   2 PT100)

  • Up to 8 acquisition modules (total of 64 channels) in each unit

  • Synchronized in multiple radio link formation

  • Storage on local SD card or transmitted to a central recorder

  • Data time Stamp via external IRIG B signal


  • In-Flight, At-Sea, Over-Land applications

  • In remote or on moving pieces of equipment (helicopter rotors)

  • Configure via switches or through software

  • Commence logging via MACQ switch or a centralized hand held remote control module

  • Full library and set of tools for real time data acquisition and on/off line processing

  • Log voltage, strain, accelerometers, PT100 ...

  • Provides sensor excitation

  • Max sampling 5 K per channel per second (PT100 1KB/s)

  • Links with  SACHA (for more on SACHA)


The LISA system includes, at least one MACQ acquisition module, which can be utilised alone, as an independent data logger, connected to your existing system via a USB or PCM link or combined with other MACQ units communicating via the ER-800 wireless transmitter/receiver, to the REM-800 control box.


SACHA can record input from a variety of sensors and encoders from a variety of manufacturers.  The local SSD storage coupled with the ability to communicate via ethernet or a PCM link ensures product and application flexibility.  Further supporting application flexibility is the option to operate through either a plug in power outlet or the units own power source.

The SACHA product line is designed for test engineers operating in the more severe and aggressive environments; on land, in the air an at sea.

With its modular design and 1, 4 or 6 extension slots it can be used to capture analog signals, voltage, strain gauge outputs,  accelerometer and/or potentiometer signals, temperature, humidity and has a variety of filter options.  Digital bus acquisition is featured so as to support the most popular ground and avionic buses including; CAN, serial lines, MIL STD 1553, ARINC, DIGIBUS, and others.

Nexeya Data Acquisition Systems can be combined into our powerful, fully deployable data acquisition solutions including being coupled with Magelli in Flight Termination Systems.