The products we offer

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From cable & harness manufacturing,

final assembly line and in-vehicle test systems to in-service fault detection

Nexeya is the global expert of electrical interconnect test solutions.

EZX Series:

Benchtop test solutions up to 1024 test points, 1500VDC/1000VAC.

CTX Series:

Modular benchtop and distributed test solutions with wide variety of options to meet your test needs.

EZX for Cable Harness Manufacturing

MPT Series:

Rack mount, adaptive, flexible & expandable. The power to activate & engerize.  Ideal for high point count testing.

WiDD Series:

Portable and rack mount intermittent fault detection & localization.

From submarines to satellites Nexeya has delivered and continues to deliver solutions that meet our client's electrical interconnect test solutions, regardless of the application.

The challenges of space, aeronautics and aviation are overcome by our clients on a daily basis with a variety of industry specific applications of our product offering. 

Nexeya has expanded its transportation expertise from rail to automotive, industrial vehicles and marine vessels; with strong commercial & military applications.

Our electrical interconnect testing expertise would not be complete if we did not reference our general commercial, industrial, energy and medical applications.

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Nexeya designs, manufactures and supports embedded and stand-alone products for a variety of capital intense and mission critical environments.  As a global provider of engineered solutions, products and services, our strength lies in our ability to combine leading edge technologies and best practices from the industries we serve, and applications we encounter, to create highly effective and lasting solutions.


Nexeya services a variety of industries across the globe with a focus on space, aviation, transportation and high-tech manufacturing.