Backplane Testing
Cable & Harness Manufacturing
Component Testing
Power Distribution Cabinets
Relay Boxes
Slip Ring Testing
Transorb Testing
Production & Assembly
Cable & Harness into Vehicle Assembly
Vehicle Assembly & Production Testing
Automotive Assembly, Production & FAL
Aviation Assembly, Production & FAL
Industrial Machinery Wiring Systems
Missiles & Torpedoes
MRO (Repair & Overhaul)
Transorb Testing
Trains, Trams, Buses, LRT
Ships & Naval Vessels
Slip Ring Testing
Service & MRO
Intermittent Fault Detection & Localization
Transorb & Suppression Testing
Regardless of the industry or market Nexeya has an application to deliver industry leading, cost effective results. 

Key features Nexeya Test Solutions include:

TEST REENGAGE: Enables tests to be paused after a failure and reengaged after debugging, eliminating the need to repeat already verified test sequences and saving overall test times.  

MASS HI-POT ALGORITHM: Provides complete test coverage in a fraction of the time required by conventional linear test methods.

TOUCH TRACE: Simplifies fault finding diagnostics in large complex wire harnesses.

CONNECT ANYWHERE: Facilitates ease of multiple adapter cable connection

FLOATING GROUND FEATURE: Allows full validation of any grounded product

AUTOMATION PRO: Allows easy creation of custom user interfaces.

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