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HENSOLDT Canada's Command Center offers a variety of sensors and display formats to meet the requirements of military, police, SWAT or emergency services needs. 


Working with our clients we match their requirements to a long list of sensors (video, AI video, radar, motion, heat, vibration, sound), HMIs (human machine interfaces) and advanced software platforms enabling operators to have the most current information possible, enabling the fastest decision making possible, thus reducing risks and managing threats. 


Based on our Lyncea Naval Platform, deployed by a number of Navies and Coastal Monitoring Bodies, our Command Post Platform offers a tailored based solution which comes with years of deployed experience.

Features include:

  • Proven technologies (hardware and software)

  • Flexibility that comes with Hensoldt and third party connected systems / equipment

  • Intuitive & easy to use

  • Multi-touch displays

  • Open communications for threat / force monitoring and response co-ordination

  • Wide array of options and features

For more information and to review your specific needs and how we can assist please contact us at

Contact Us

400 Alden Road, Markham Ontario L3R 4C1

(905) 475 - 2607

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